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The History of Playing a Slot Online Gambling Casino

The History of Playing a Slot Online Gambling Casino

Playing a slot online gambling casino is a great way to have fun and experience the new internet gaming revolution. The internet is a wonderful source of entertainment and the best way to enjoy playing a slot is by playing online. Online slot gambling is enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. The excitement that you will feel when you play a slot online gambling casino game is unmatched compared to the glitzy casinos of Las Vegas.

Early to mid-1900s, a variation of the slot machine was invented. This device was called a ‘fruit machine’ and was a forerunner of the modern slot machine. This gambling machine had 3 spinning reels with symbols, which the player attempted to line up and match up. Before the 20th century, the invention became popular and was mass produced for several gambling casinos. But, for the first time someone invented a new type of slot machine that was extremely popular and fast to play. This gambling machine was called a ‘one-armed bandit’ and was the present day transposition machine.

The one-armed bandit’s spinning reels gradually stopped and the player would win a prize. The winner would then be offered a new machine, but if they desired they could keep the winnings or the machine and receive a new one. As the years passed, the rules of the game would change and some machines could not be profitable to play, thus causing them to be retired. soon after, slot machines would be developed into the slot machine as we know it today.

The first slot machines were created by Charles Fey in San Francisco in 1887. When Charles Fey created the original slot machines, he actually tried to make a manual of how to beat the games. Baseball was just becoming popular at that time, so the idea of a slot with gambling attached to it caught his eye. He believed that if each click were linked to a card game, the player would be able to tell exactly where he stood.

When Charles Fey’s gamblers went to the White House he told President Coolidge about his “gambling device”. Coolidge had an ace card and black jack as the US President. The men’s poker night was tense, because there was a great potential for a big win, but when the President gave his approval, one of the gamblers pulled a safe from his pocket and showed it to the President. Coolidge gave the safe back to Charles Fey. When the men betted on one of the poker hands, it turned out to be a standard two card poker hand, and when the bets were placed, the safe held.

The original slot machines were impounded by the Currency Board of the United States as gambling devices due to the legal restrictions of the state of Nevada. These “Slot machines” were all of two things, either a machine that spun a wheel that had pictures of fruit on it or a machine that had a lever on the side that you pulled to reveal the symbols. Most of the devices were either based on the original slot machines or they were completely mechanical. However, as some machines had three reels and sometimes five, the currency board issued a new currency standard that was designed to be a little more complicated and it all went through about three decks of cards. Due to the vast number of coin slots in the late 1800s, all the banks in the United States had a standard design of liberty bells on the coins. This is the standard that all modern slot machines accept.

With the gold rush in California beginning in 1848, the California Gold Rush led to the creation of many world-known slot machines, including the ever popular Double Diamond, which is still one of the most popular video slot machines in the world. Around this time slot machines were also being made by the thousands all around the world, mainly in Europe and South America. However, unlike the ones we know today, the slot machines of the past had no payout options. The only way to win was to hit the Carloco, a nickname for the card that held the equivalent of ten thousand dollars.

Due to the fact that not everybody could pay the Carloco, casinos began offering draw poker as an alternative. Around the same time a man named Charles Fey created a machine that was both a card shuffler and a slot machine. People had to pay five cents a play to use the Charles Fey Card Shuffler. For those who had the money, the possibilities were endless of playing cards, cards that were all the various shades of green. Not only did the Charles Fey Card Shuffler simplify shuffling the cards, it also made playing cards visible to the players who were not using the machine.

The Charles Fey Company introduced the first portable card shuffler in 1887.


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